Training, assessment and accreditation services

Paul Clark Services became an IMI approved centre earlier this year for the IRTEC scheme and is planning further development of these services which can be provided to our customers. PCS is also working towards being able to also provide IRTEC Large Electric Vehicle Technician accreditation later in 2020. Please see details of our current training and accreditation services and the costs thereof:

• 3 day PSV Inspection training course using the PCS Inspection Manual and categorisation of Defects Manual with Power Point Presentation for 4 engineers at customers premises with suitable training room, facilitation of a suitable PSV vehicle and inspection facilities e.g. ATF

• IRTEC Inspection Technician accreditation – cost including registration fee, online tests and assessment

• Linked 3 day PSV inspection course and IRTEC accreditation for 4 engineers

• PSV Inspection course linked with IRTEC scheduled over 5 days, 3 day course Monday to Wednesday, followed by 2 candidates assessment on the Thursday and the remaining 2 candidates assessment on the Friday

• IRTEC IT assessments can be completed individually or two in one day.

• PCS presently investigating the potential to utilise remote invigilation for the online assessments allowing flexibility if all parts of the assessment cannot be completed on the same day and/or location (following registration and ensuring that the whole process is completed within 12 months of the initial registration)

Regarding prices for the above, please contact PCS.