Quality & Standards

Mission Statement

“To be the first choice provider of engineering support to the Road Transport Industry”

Customer Charter/Code of Conduct

To provide the best quality, highly skilled engineers, electricians and coach builders to the Road Transport Industry, to carry out inspections, maintenance, repairs, servicing, overhauls, campaign work, electrical and body repairs to the highest standard, all undertaken at the customers own premises.

Where the customer is dissatisfied with our service, or something has gone wrong, or they wish to offer a suggestion for improvement, then the customer should make representation to the Management team by either telephone, email or post.

Contact details:

Office telephone number – 0845 6060 474
Facsimile number – 01793 851466
Email – info@paulclarkservices.co.uk
Post – Unit 1C, Whitehill Industrial Estate, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, SN4 7DB
Website – www.paulclarkservices.co.uk

Or alternatively you can contact one of the management team as follows:
Paul Clark, Managing Director
Michael Kerslake, Finance Director
Mike Britten, Service Delivery Director
Ray McAlle, Business Development Manager North
Paul Durose, Business Support Manager
Danny Kerwin, National Business Development Manager
Jamie Tolson, Business Support Manager
Ben Hamlet, National Engineering Auditor

Management Responsibilities

The company management team is committed to maintaining and continually improving our systems and procedures, to consistently satisfy our customer and regulatory requirements.
The management team plans, reviews and maintains Policies, Objectives and procedures designed to assure our high quality standards and continually develop our business.
The company management team shares responsibility for ensuring that all staff are aware of the company standards to be delivered to the customer. The Service Delivery Director has responsibility for the day-to-day operational implementation and monitoring of the Customer Charter/Code of Practice.

Continual Improvement

The company operates a documented Quality Management, Health, Safety and Environmental systems which are independently certified to ISO 9001, ISO45001 Management Systems, certified by ISOQAR/ALCUMUS UKAS. These systems are actively used to maintain and continually improve our systems and procedures, to consistently satisfy our customers requirements.

PCS use Big Change Job Watch to plan, manage and schedule engineering resources using the app based system to capture job information, work timesheets, health & safety risk assessments, asset management and customer interface.

What we do

Our core service is the provision of highly skilled and certificated Engineers, electricians and Coach Builders to carry out inspections, servicing and repairs, engine overhauls and major unit changes, campaign work, electrical and body repairs, all at the customer’s premises.

Customer contacts are generated through advertising, publicity, word of mouth introductions and repeat business.

Service rates (or fixed-price quotes) are agreed with a Director.

It is the nature of our industry that customer communication is frequently carried out at short notice and informally (e.g. by telephone, fax or e-mail). The company’s relationship with our customers depends upon our ability to react responsively to all such requests. It is not a requirement that customer “contracts” or orders are formally documented.

All customer enquiries and requests are reviewed in the course of the Job Planning process, ensuring that the company has the capacity to fulfil customer requirements and that any specific requests (e.g. for particular competencies or individuals) are satisfied wherever possible.

Provision of Services

The nature of our business is such that it is usually our customers who specify the detail of work to be carried out once our Engineers have arrived on site.

Paul Clark Services accordingly does not maintain or require any detailed work instructions or other documentation relating to the execution of the work, beyond the basic contractual requirements of working times, terms and conditions and use of company equipment.

Where more detailed instructions or procedures are considered necessary in order to ensure the satisfaction of customer requirements or of the company’s own standards of work, these will be developed in conjunction with the HR documentation, Health & Safety procedures and other relevant documentation.

Customer Property

All personnel working with customer vehicles are responsible for ensuring that due care is taken of vehicles and any contents. Any damage to a customer vehicle, or loss of any associated property, must be reported immediately to a PCS Supervisor or manager, and in turn to the customer. Where appropriate, records including photographs will be made of customer vehicles or other property to evidence their condition or any problems or issues relating to them.

Service standards


  • Our engineers should arrive on site at the agreed/published time.
  • Our engineer was ready to commence work at the agreed/published time.
  • The work was completed within the allocated/published time (fixed price work).


  • A satisfactory standard of work and level of productivity was achieved appropriate to the work/tasks allocated to our engineer.
  • All documentation/vehicular paperwork is completed/signed and returned to the customer as appropriate.


  • Our engineers work in a safe manner, within the site specified Health and Safety requirements.
  • All work stations and completed tasks are left in a clean and tidy condition
  • Our engineers attend site with a clean van and are wearing all appropriate PPE, in a presentable condition.
  • Our engineer is engaging, courteous and communicative.
  • Our engineer reports to the site manager on arrival and signs/clocks in as appropriate, and is inducted to the customers requirements.

Paul Clark Services – 21st February 2018